COVID-19: Two Patients Recorvered; No New Case Detected

Cambodia’s Ministry of Health this morning announced two new recovered cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the total number of cured patients in the country rose to 309 or 86.07 percent of the confirmed cases.

According to the same source, the new recovered cases are a 35-year-old Cambodian woman arriving in Cambodia on Nov. 18 from China, and a 49-year-old Cambodian-American who came from the U.S. and arrived in Phnom Penh on Dec. 4.

At the same time, zero new case was detected, the tally thus remains at 359, including 239 Cambodians, 45 French, 18 Chinese, 13 Malaysians, 12 Americans, 9 Indonesians, 6 British, 3 Vietnamese, 3 Canadians, 3 Indians, 2 Hungarians, 2 Pakistanis, 1 Belgian, 1 Kazakhstani, 1 Polish, and 1 Jordanian.