COVID-19: More Locally-transmitted Cases Detected; Tally 568

Cambodia detected 35 new positive cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), of which 31 are locally transmitted and the rest are passengers from abroad, announced the Ministry of Health in a press release made public this morning.

According to the same source, the new cases include 22 Chinese, 12 Cambodians, and 1 Korean aged between 11 and 71 years old. They have been admitted to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, National Centre for Combatting Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control and Chak Ang-re Health Centre in Phnom Penh.

The tally now reached 568, including 359 Cambodians, 87 Chinese, 45 French, 18 Indonesians, 13 Malaysians, 12 Americans, 6 British, 5 Indians, 5 Vietnamese, 3 Canadians, 2 Hungarians, 2 Pakistanis, 2 Japanese, 2 Nigerians, 1 Belgian, 1 Kazakhstani, 1 Polish, 1 Jordanian, 1 Swiss, 1 Czech, and 1 Korean.

Meanwhile, two COVID-19 patients have been successfully cured. They are both Indians arriving in Cambodia on Feb. 3 from India via Singapore.

The total number of recovered cases in the Kingdom rose therefore to 475 with no fatal case.

The Ministry of Health took the opportunity to call on those connected to the Feb. 20 Community Event to do COVID-19 tests at Chak Ang-re Health Centre and be quarantined for 14 days.

The ministry have located and temporary closed down 23 locations – entertainment clubs, apartments, two schools … believed to be related to the Feb. 20 Community Event.