Employers Instructed to Test Staff for COVID-19 After Pchum Ben

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has instructed the employers to carry out rapid testing for COVID-19 among their employees when they resume work from the Pchum Ben break.
The instruction was officially circulated yesterday, explaining that the measure was meant to prevent possible spread of COVID-19.
It also aims to eventually maintain business activities as well as production and service delivery after the holiday.
In the instruction, the ministry requested all employers to ensure sufficient rapid testing kits for their respective workers.
In the letter, the minister also urged all employees to fully comply with the safety measures and cooperate with their employers to undergo the rapid testing when resuming work.
Due to potential COVID-19 threat, the Royal Government has cancelled the celebration of the Pchum Ben Festival whose main festivities to happen from Oct. 5-7, however, having those days off is still allowed among all public and private workers.