Cambodia Sends 73 Peacekeepers to South Sudan

Seventy-three (73) forces of a military police unit have been deployed to the Republic of South Sudan to replace their counterparts who have just returned home after completing their one-year UN peacekeeping mission.

H.E. Gen. Sem Sovanny, Director General of the National Centre for Peacekeeping Forces, Mines and ERW Clearance (NPMEC), presided over the send-off ceremony at Phnom Penh International Airport yesterday afternoon.

Speaking on the occasion, H.E. Gen. Sem Sovanny advised the new troops, the 11th contingent, to do their best to successfully fulfill their mission, which will further enhance Cambodia’s image on the international scene.

Cambodia is one of the leading countries in sending its peacekeeping forces under the UN umbrella to assist countries affected by landmines and explosive remnants of war and to participate in the construction of infrastructure and airport maintenance.

Since 2006, Cambodia has sent 8,475 peacekeepers for 11 missions in nine countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, the Central African Republic, Cyprus, Lebanon, Mali, Syria, and Yemen.

Currently, some 800 Cambodian peacekeepers have been fulfilling their missions in South Sudan, Lebanon, Central African Republic, and Mali.