Cambodia’s Hosting of Japan-UN-Cambodia Tripartite Project in 2027 Supported

Japan has pledged to support Cambodia to host the Japan-UN-Cambodia Tripartite Project on “Heavy Engineering Machinery Training” in 2027.

The pledge was made by Mr. TANINAI Ichitomo, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia during a meeting with H.E. Gen. Sem Sovanny, Director General of the National Centre for Peacekeeping Forces, Mines and ERW Clearance (NPMEC) here in Phnom Penh early this week.

Mr. TANINAI Ichitomo affirmed that Japan will provide training for Cambodian blue helmet troops, and send its Japanese engineering specialised team to Cambodia to discuss the preparation for the training.

Mr. TANINAI Ichitomo spoke highly of Cambodia’s active contribution to UN peacekeeping operations and of mine clearance activities in Cambodia.

H.E. Gen. Sem Sovanny underlined that the Japan-UN-Cambodia Tripartite Project is aimed at supporting countries donating their peacekeeping forces so that they can deploy their forces quickly and efficiently.

The project was initiated by late H.E. ABE Shinzo, former Japanese Prime Minister, in the Peacekeeping Summit in September 2014, recalled H.E. Gen. Sem Sovanny.

The director general thanked the Government of Japan for its assistance to Cambodia, especially in taking part in UN peacekeeping operations, adding that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Japan Self-Defence Forces’ participation in the peacekeeping operation (PKO) in Cambodia.

He also asked Japan to provide more long-term trainings to strengthen the capacity of Cambodian trainers and trainees for the peacekeeping missions under the UN umbrella.