Cambodia Promotes New Technologies to Advance Mine Clearance

Cambodia is promoting the use of new technologies to advance and speed up mine clearance activities to meet mine-free status by 2025.

Senior Minister and First Vice President of Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) H.E. Ly Thuch emphasised the practice when chairing a Regional Workshop on Powerful Solutions for UXO and Mine Detection on April 26-27 in Siem Reap province.

New technologies have ensured more accurate land mine identification and unexploded ordnance, saves time, and reduces unnecessary costs, he said.

He added that the latest development in mine detection technologies could also come from Cambodia, which is a place for testing those technologies before using them elsewhere.

The workshop was organised through a cooperation between CMAA and VALLON GmbH of Germany.

The Senior Minister considered VALLON GmbH as an important partner as it is a world leader in the production and development of advanced technologies in demining and munitions operations for humanitarian purposes.

VALLON GmbH has produced a range of mine detectors with high efficiency and safety and has made many improvements through testing in Cambodia.

Mr. Markus Vallon, Managing Director of VALLON GmbH, pledged his company’s strong commitment to apply the latest demining technologies in Cambodia to support its ambition to achieve landmine-free target by 2025.