Samdech Hun Manet: Cambodia Aiming for Peace and Development

Since yesterday, Samdech Moha Bovorthipadi Hun Manet has met foreign leaders who attended the ASEAN Summit, ASEAN Plus Summit and East Asia Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia. Besides having received subsequent praises and congratulatory messages since 22 August 2023, Samdech Prime Minister of Cambodia obtained the warmest hospitalities from the ASEAN Heads of Government/State in the regional and international stage.

Through the dialogues yesterday and this morning (with the ASEAN Secretary General, the Indonesian President, as well as the Vietnamese and Lao counterparts) and through his speech at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ABIS) yesterday, Samdech Hun Manet delivered a key message to the international community, reiterating and improving Cambodia’s position in the international arena.

Amidst the growing regional uncertainty (the great power rivalry in the Asia Pacific) and international tension (the war in Ukraine), Samdech Hun Manet reaffirmed that Cambodia is in favor of peace. In this connection, Samdech emphasized that “War cannot be ended by war” and that “Peace can only stem from peaceful settlement of conflict through dialogue and consultation based on win-win approach.” This message is drawn from Cambodia’s long experience of tragedy, particularly referring to both Myanmar and Ukraine crises.

Moreover, for Samdech Hun Manet, peace and development mutually reinforce. There is no economic development without peace. Similarly, there is no sustainable peace without sustainable development. Hence, first, in Jakarta, the Head of Cambodian Government aims for the multilateral world and the international order based on rule of law and non-interference. Secondly, Samdech Hun Manet aims for ASEAN’s prosperity (as the world’s fifth largest economic power), which needs to be further improved through the continuing and the expanding of integration within and beyond the region in the economic and investment sectors.