Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Japanese Firms Discuss Technical Skill Training

Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MoLVT) and Japanese firms – Ehime Nissan Group and Forval Corporation – have discussed cooperation on technical skill training.

The discussion was made here on Feb. 1 between Minister MoLVT H.E. Heng Sour, Mr. Yutaka Oka, Chairman of the Board of Ehime Nissan Group and Mr. Ken Matsumura, Managing Director of Forval Corporation.

In the meeting, Mr. Yutaka Oka and Mr. Ken Matsumura informed the minister about their companies’ expertise in repair and care of trucks, and other services in accordance to Japanese standards.

H.E. Heng Sour welcomed Japanese partners to seek understanding about Cambodia’s potential in training on technique skills, especially in machinery.

The minister voiced the ministry’s support to the two firms’ initiative to cooperate on Japanese standard car repair skill training in Cambodia, indicating that the ministry is ready to boost successful cooperation with the firms.