President of IPU Strongly Congratulates Cambodia for the Success of Election Which Shows Genius Democracy

Mrs. Gabriela Cueva Barron, President of IPU, had strongly congratulate as well as highly appreciated the achievements that Cambodia has achieved, especially the successful results of the 2018 Cambodian election, which has demonstrated genuine democracy.

This congratulation was claimed during her meeting with the NA delegation of Cambodia led by Her H.E Khoun Sodary, 2nd Vice President of the NA and the head of the Cambodian NADelegation to attend the 139th General Assembly on October 16, 2018.

Mes. Khoun Sodary has forwarded the greeting message from Samdech Chakrey Heng Samrin to Mrs. President for her Efforts on her position as Chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which has 178 member states worldwide, are always successful.

Mrs. Khoun Sodary stressed that during the last election in July 2018, there are 20 parties competing for the seats, which is a clear indication that these 20 parties are the legitimate representatives of multi-party political parties that take part in the election and reflect on what some observers call ” The process of democracy is fair and stable in Cambodia.

For the past election, there were nearly 7 million voters, with 83.02% of the total voters voting and making their free choice. In particular, 539 international observers from more than 50 countries, including international organizations including Asian political parties, Asian Parliamentary Assembly, ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly and the European Council on International Relations, as witnesses, observing peaceful practices of peaceful democracy. Which is the historic moment of Cambodia.

Moreover, the Second Vice-President of the National Assembly explained more about the human rights situation in Cambodia, as well as the fact that Cambodia, a handful of gongs and a handful of minorities, distorted the fact of international deception in their own minds. Destroying Cambodia’s steadily growing population of non-stop 7% annual growth.

Follow the instruction of President of NA, Mrs. Khoun Sodary has invited Mrs. President of IPU to join The 27th Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Assembly (APF) from January 14-17, 2019, as honorary guest, and asks her to review the situation of Cambodia.

In response, Mrs. Gabriela Cueva Barron, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, agreed to lead the delegates to the 27th Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Assembly and congratulated and appreciated the achievements that Cambodia has achieved, especially the successful results of The 2018 Cambodian elections, which have shown real democracy.