Third Phase of School Reopening Due Next Month

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has issued guidelines for phase III of the public school reopening due next month.

The guidelines were publicly issued on Oct. 27 to ensure that all necessary safety measures against COVID-19 will be well complied.

The guidelines entail a safe learning environment, required sanitation facilities as well as continuous awareness building not only for the teachers and education staff but also the students and parents.

The public kindergartens will be allowed to run full sessions five days per week with the maximum of 25 students per class.

Primary and high schools will be allowed 3-day class per week with the maximum of 30 students per class, focusing on two and six priority subjects, respectively, except grades 9 and 12 which need to continue as in phase II.

The resumption of in-class teaching for all public educational institutions in phase III will take place from November 2 to the end of December 2020.