Japan’s Assistance to Install Medical, Braille, and Hearing Diagnostic Equipment in Cambodia

The Government of Japan has agreed to provide US$288,473 in total for three recipient organisations under the framework, The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (“KUSANONE” Grant).

The Grant Contracts were signed here today between Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. Mikami Masahiro, and the representatives of the three recipient organisations.

According to a press release of the Embassy of Japan, US$87,900 of the total amount will be extended to Prey Kabas Operational district in Takeo province to carry out “The Project for Installing Medical Equipment at Angkor Borey Referral Hospital in Takeo Province”.

In this project, one X-ray machine, one ultrasound and one generator will be installed at Angkor Borey Referral Hospital. Currently, the hospital is not capable of diagnosing their patients sufficiently due to the lack of equipment. Through this project, approximately 1,500 patients will have access to improved medical services annually.

Some US$96,726 will be used for “The Project for Installing Braille Equipment at Special Schools in Phnom Penh and 3 Provinces” to be implemented by Krousar Thmey Cambodia.

In this project, four braille printers and four audio recording equipment will be installed at Special Schools in Phnom Penh capital and Kampong Cham, Siem Reap, and Battambang provinces. This project is expected to help more than 210 of both students and teachers through the improvement of learning environment.

The remaining US$103,847 will be given to All Ears Cambodia to support ‘The Project for Installing Hearing Diagnostic Equipment and Strengthening Communication Therapy Services for Children in Phnom Penh and 6 Provinces”.

In this project, medical equipment such as one real ear measurement and speech mapper system, one oto-endoscope system, one tympanometre, two pure tone/speech audiometres, and one middle ear analyser will be provided for All Ears Cambodia in order to strengthen their capacity of diagnostic and rehabilitation. The organisation has been providing their services to hearing-impaired people. Through this project, more than 7,500 patients will benefit from better quality of diagnostic and communication therapy services.

These assistances are based on the commitment of co-chair’s statement of 13th Mekong-Japan foreign minister’s meeting on July 9, 2020 which says “Implementing approximately US$91 million worth Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Project in FY 2020 as KUSANONE Mekong SDGs initiative, aimed at supporting the social and economic development of local communities and villages across the Mekong region”.

Japan’s “KUSANONE” Projects started in Cambodia in 1991 in order to support Cambodia’s reconstruction and development at the grassroots level. The assistance aims to protect those who are vulnerable due to various factors such as poverty and/or misfortunes that directly threaten their lives, livelihood, and dignity, as well as to promote self-reliance of local communities. Since 1991, the Government of Japan has provided over US$62 million for mainly local authorities and non-governmental organisations to implement 638 KUSANONE projects throughout Cambodia.