Ministry of Environment Organises New Tonle Snguot Park Achievements Towards Carbon Neutral Green Destination Community

H.E. Eang Sophalleth, Minister of Environment and Chairman of the National Working Group for Thbong Khmum province, took the lead in establishing Tonle Snguot Park, a crucial step towards fostering a carbon-neutral green destination community.

H.E. Eang Sophalleth, alongside Lok Chumteav, presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for Tonle Snguot Park in Thnal Keng village, Preah Theat commune, O’ Raing Ov district, Thbong Khmum province. This significant event brought together distinguished guests, including H.E. Minister of Cults and Religious Affairs Chay Borin, and Lok Chumteav, local leaders, civil servants, and community members.

According to the ministry’s press release made public on Jan. 21, spanning 14 hectares, the Tonle Snguot area is undergoing transformation into Tonle Snguot Park, featuring diverse natural recreation zones. Among these, an 8,750-square-metre recreation area is slated for completion before the upcoming Khmer New Year, with future plans encompassing spaces for sports, indigenous landscapes, cultural and historical attractions, fishing spots, scenic viewpoints, water source for irrigation and fish breeding station.

Minister Sophalleth’s pivotal role in advancing Thbong Khmum province’s development is showcased by his efforts to prepare the Tonle Snguot area for a transition into a natural tourism hub. In the preceding year, he orchestrated the planting of 1 million flowering plants, extending a warm welcome to holiday visitors. Furthermore, he oversaw the planting of trees and bamboo to provide both shade and resources for the local community.

Complementing these efforts, over 100 solar lights have been strategically placed along Tonle Snguot to illuminate the area at night. Dr. Eang Sophalleth emphasised that the meticulous preparation of the Tonle Snguot area for natural destination is set to enhance the community’s income through the promotion of carbon-neutral destination. Importantly, this initiative pays tribute to the ancient historical site of Preah Theat Basrey Temple, a revered place of worship.

Preah Theat Basrey Temple, with its ancient temples, shrines, and hills, including the ancient Tonle Snguot area, holds significant historical value. This sacred space, frequented by many kings, including Sdach Kan, who sought divine intervention for victory in ancient wars, has evolved into Wat Preah Theat Basrey and the surrounding Tonle Snguot area a sacred land deeply rooted in faith and respect.