Kampong Thom “Ambok” Earns National Brand

The Ministry of Commerce officially announced Kampong Thom “Ambok”, the pounded rice, produced by a group of farmers in Kampong Thom province, as a national brand.

According to Director of Kampong Thom Provincial Department of Commerce Mr. Hiev Vanna, the ministry has recognised only the Ambok from San Kor commune of Kampong Svay district because of its unique taste.

The initiative to brand ‘Ambok Kampong Thom’ has been proposed by the minister of commerce after it became very popular across Cambodia since Nov. 9, 2019 when Samdech Techo Prime Minister called for the celebration of Ambok eating”, he said.

On Nov. 9, 2019, while the country was commemorating the National Independence Day, Cambodian people, both inside and outside the country, gathered with their families, friends, or communities to enjoy the Ambok eating.

On the same day, in Siem Reap province, a tourism hub of Cambodia, besides Ambok eating ceremony, the production of Ambok was shown at the Terrace of the Elephants, in the compound of Bayon Temple, which attracted attention of local and foreign tourists.

Cambodians normally eat Ambok with banana, palm or coconut juice and sugar, or roasted it with small shrimps. To make Ambok, new harvest of paddy rice is fried in the husk and then pounded with a big pestle. The husks are removed, then the rest is Ambok.