Win-win Memorial Receives 2,000 Visitors per Day

Phnom Penh , Feb. 1 – Win-win Memorial, a symbol of national reconciliation, solidarity, territorial integrity, development, and prosperity of Cambodia, welcomed 2,000 visitors per day during the last week of January 2019, according to the defense ministry’s general department of policy and foreign affairs director-general Nem Sowath on Thursday.

The Memorial opens to the public every day. Information booth serves both national and international tourists.

According to Sowath, the government plans to integrate information about the Win-win memorial into the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the future, as the Memorial also serves as national archive.

Win-win Memorial, inaugurated from 29-31 December 2018, aimed at commemorating the 20th anniversary of win-win policy – a compass that completely ended civil war in Cambodia.

Win-win Memorial also serves as remembrances for all Khmer heroes who sacrificed their lives for the motherland and tell the next generation the real history of Cambodia.