MFE Set Forth Nine Key Principles to Ensure Tax Collection Efficiency

H.E Aun Ponmonirath, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, has set forth nine key principles to ensure tax collection efficiency in order to achieve the goal.

These key principles was set off during the annual meeting on 29 January 2019.

1: Continuing to modernize the tax administration by studying the Strategic Information Technology Plans to establish the General Department of Taxation’s Big Data
2: Prepare to update and study additional tax provisions to support tax collection management
3: Cooperate with the General Department of Policy of Ministry of Economy and Finance and relevant institutions to continue developing the 2019-2023 Income mobilization strategy.
4: Strengthening the Reimbursement Mechanism and the Use of Value Added Tax Credit online, for the administration of Value Added Tax of the General Department of Taxation
5: Continue to strive to improve the collection of tax liabilities
6: Strengthening the process of setting up audit procedures
7: Continuing to reform human resources through strengthening management in assessing the HR system
8: Continue to update all property information in Phnom Penh and in areas subject to Property Tax
9: Continuing to promote and integrate tax culture and enforcement of tax law.