TOP NEWS: Sam Rainsy Shall Listen and Analyze Cambodian PM Hun Sen’s Words Clearly

Phnom Penh , Nov. 11 – In response to Sam Rainsy’s statement on Radio Free Asia on Saturday accusing Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen of controlling Cambodian courts, a social science professor in Kompong Cham, via Fresh News, urged Sam Rainsy to listen and analyze Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s words clearly.

Prime Minister’s speech addressing to over 23,000 workers from 20 factories in Takeo province on 7 November, clearly explained the legal principles and procedures that can be understood by a “rural child”.

Prime Minister’s speech is quoted as follows: “If not yet sentenced, there is no offenses to be pardoned. Hun Sen has no rights to request to His Majesty to grant an amnesty to an accused or when verdict has yet been released […] I want to send message that wait until the horse grows horns for it the happen.”

He does not necessarily mean “until the horse grows horns that he will release Kem Sokha”. What he meant was “wait until the horse grows horns that the court will grant amnesty to an accused”.

According to Cambodian law, Prime Minister has a privilege to request to His Majesty to grant amnesty to convict only. In Kem Sokha’s case, the court has yet issued a verdict.” It can be understood that Kem Sokha is an “accused”, not a “convict”, thus Sokha is not eligible to be granted amnesty.

The premier’s confidant, on anonymity, told Fresh News yesterday that “the fact that Prime Minister decided to bet with Sam Rainsy does not mean he controls the court. Indeed, the Strongman understands clearly law implementation in Cambodia and the independent judiciary.

“According to the law, if the convict doesn’t legally sentence by the court yet, there is no chance of anmesty. I have no rights to sign a request for a royal pardon to anyone, who is in custody. Let me send you a brief message “it happens when a horse to grow horns”, said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

At this point, it is clear that Sam Rainsy lacks the ability to analyze and understand the legal procedures even Prime Minister Hun Sen has made such a clear statement.