Samdech Tech Holds Talk with the Delegation of China Huaneng Group

In the Afternoon of 28 April 2019, Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, held talk with the delegation of China Huaneng Group.

During the meeting, China Hauneng Group informed Samdech Techo about the Projects and Implementations of Companies in Cambodia have succeeded in generating electricity at the Lower Sesan 2 Dam. In addition, China Hauneng Group also greeted Samdech Techo Prime Minister that the company continues to conduct research and to further develop the electric field in Cambodia, especially on the development of solar energy by this point.

In response, Samdech Techo also praised and thanked the companies who are always involved with the Royal Government of Cambodia in the production of electricity. Samdech Techo Prime Minister also said that because china huaneng group is a company that generates electricity by hydropower through hydropower generation and is a company involved in electricity generation, like a wind power generation company and sunlight.