The Meeting Between the Minister of Water Resources and Tonle Sap Authority

In the Morning of 29 April 2019, H.E Lim KeanHoar, Minister of Water Resources and Meteorology and a Head of Tonle Sap Authority, convened the meeting with his members.

During the meeting, H.E has informed about the current political and economic situation in Cambodia and the work and achievements that the Tonle Sap Authority has achieved so far and the priority work to be done in the future. The Minister appreciated the efforts of the management and officials at all levels of the Tonle Sap Authority and the achievements achieve.

After discussing and exchanging opinions, and in order to continue to strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the Tonle Sap Authority’s work for the present and in the future, the Minister has recommended and recommended as follows:
– Organize the division of responsibilities and responsibilities among Tonle Sap Authority leaders.
– Building a robust technical base through more active research.
– Continue to focus on strengthening the capacity of regular staffing and job well-being.