KOICA Continues to Support Civil Aviation Training Centre in Cambodia

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) continues to support Cambodia through providing a new generator with the high capacity up to 510KVA and improving garden water system at the Cambodia Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC).

According to a KOICA’s press release, the objective of providing a new higher specification electrical power generator is to support the CATC’s building, teaching activities, teaching aid, Navigational Aid (NAVAID) equipment, Very high frequency omnidirectional range (VOR), distance measuring equipment (DME), Instrument Landing System (ILS), Air traffic control (ATC) simulator and Aviation Security (AVSEC) equipment as well as official events taken place in the case of blackout of state electricity.

The activities to improve the garden water system in the CATC includes 1)-buying a pressure pump with the installation to support water supply in the garden, and 2)-installing new pipe system to support water flow system in the garden.

The objective of these activities are to benefit the students and the teachers in helping to maintain healthy learning environment through the natural colour of grass, flowers and trees, and this garden helps reliving stress from teaching and learning. Moreover, it can serve as an outdoor classroom where the trainees can involve in communication and cooperation.

The project to build a civil aviation training centre in Phnom Penh, a programme funded by KOICA with the total budget of US$10.1 million which included the construction of teaching facilities and the training of aviation students by Korean instructors. The project was completed at the end of 2018 and KOICA is currently carrying out additional support in accordance with further requests from the Cambodian government that included the provision of a new generator and the improvement of the garden water system.