New TVK2 to Continue Useful Service Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic Period

Newly launched TVK2 currently oriented at distance learning will continue its role to provide special education support even after COVID-19 pandemic. The update was highlighted yesterday by Information Minister H.E. Khieu Kanharith in an interview with TVK, explaining that the new state-run television channel will then only cover grades 11 and 12 for now in order to get students ready for their national high school exam.

The televised distance learning, he continued, aims also at giving opportunity to students at far-flung Cambodia without access of internet connection to study.

In addition to the e-learning as the main programme, the TVK2 will also include useful sessions on hygiene, housework, legislation and beyond.

National Television of Kapuchea, better known as TVK, of the Ministry of Information in cooperation with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports on April 20 launched its second channel TVK2 focusing on providing distance and e-learning programmes to students whose schools are temporally locked due to COVID-19 spreading.