Samdech Hun Sen to Concurs with 7 Key Principals on Administrative Reform of Municipal and District Levels

Prime Minister of Cambodia, Samdech Techo Hun Sen has agreed on 7 key principals on administrative reform of municipal and district levels follow by the request from Samdech Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

  1. Eliminate the specialized offices of the ministries at the municipal and district levels by integrating these the specialized offices into the administrative structure of the Dormitory Administration.
  2. To integrate these specialized offices, the new administrative structure  shall establish a unit or office for a number of sectors related to the economic and social sector clusters to ensure the reduction of costs and strengthen the institutional structure, except core sectors such as education, health and Urban Planning that need to create a separate entity.
  3. This new management structure differs between municipal administration and district administration. In particular, the administrative structure must also be based on the specific scope and potential of each administration.
  4. To fully transferring the functions currently being carried out by the specialized offices of the ministries at the current municipal and district levels and other relevant field functions to the municipal and district administration.
  5. Transferring the financial resources that are currently being used for the specialized office at the municipal, district  levels and other essential assets of the ministries and institutions to the municipal administration.
  6. Transfer of staff working at the specialized office at the municipal, district and other necessary staff of the ministries to the Dormitory Administration.
  7. Newly Units must promote the position and responsibility of providing direct services to citizens in order to attract and attract highly qualified and highly skilled officials willingly and voluntarily to work in municipal and district administration.