DMP Men Sam An Put Forward 8 Priority Tasks

Her H.E Men Sam An, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection, presided over the closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the Ministry on 04 April 2019 at Sokha Hotel Phnom Penh.

On that occasion, Her H.E suggested that the ministry leaders should continue to focus on eight priority tasks as follows:

  1. The Ministry has to carry out extensive campaigns to disseminate information to 25 provinces and cities, especially in urban and rural areas.
  2. Continue to coordinate with relevant ministries and institutions to finalize important parts of the draft Law on Inspection and related sub-decrees.
  3. Prepare and install online e-complaints and e-Library applications through which people can file complaints and view legal documents on a computer or mobile phone.
  4. It is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of the inspection, investigation, complaint and law enforcement follow-up, through accurate information, with sufficient evidence both in fact and in law.
  5. The Ministry’s officials, especially the officials or inspectors, must understand the laws and regulations related to the ministry’s core tasks in order to be able to interpret and explain the deterrent.
  6. The National Institute of Inspection shall establish the Board of Directors and the Program Coordinating Committee for the Pre-Primary, Secondary and Grade-Level Training Programs on Expertise and Related Skills.
  7. Be prepared to apply FMIS to strengthen public financial management, especially to use budget packages to be effective, accountable and in accordance with the legal framework.
  8. During the inspection mission, an official or an inspection agency shall strictly and consistently respect the Code of Ethics of Civil Servants and Inspectors.