Cambodia Will Host the 14th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting


The Ministry of Health of Cambodia, as the host and the rotating chair of the ASEAN Health Minister, will lead the 14th ASEAN Health Ministers’ Meeting and related meetings from 26 to 30 August 2019 in Siem Reap. According to a press release from the Ministry of Health, the information was received on August 28, 2019.

The meeting is held every two years in a rotating manner, consisting of: ASEAN Health Officers ‘Meeting, ASEAN + 3 and ASEAN-China, and 2: ASEAN Health Ministers’ Meeting, ASEAN + 3 and ASEAN-China under the President. “Promoting the health of the whole ASEAN people”

The meeting will focus on four key topics:

1: Combating counterfeit and substandard drugs,

2: ensuring health care financing,

3: strengthening the capacity to implement the organization’s international health regulations World Health Organization and

4: Innovations in Health Care Strengthening.