14 January Determined as Hun Sen-Journalists Meeting

Phnom Penh , Jan. 14 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has determined “14 January” as Hun Sen-Journalists meeting.

The premier presided over the annual meeting with journalists on Tuesday evening, 14 January, attended by nearly 5,000 journalists at Diamond Island, organized by the Ministry of Information.

2020 marks the 4th Hun Sen-journalists meeting — a significant forum between the two parties to listen and provide feedbacks on media sector.

Prime minister has urged journalists to embrace a new slogan, “do not violate rights of other people, do not distort the truth” in order to enhance their professionalism.

He also appealed to all journalists to help maintain peace and stability of macro-economy through fighting against fake news.

“Without peace, all media outlets and broadcasting stations will be closed,” he underlined.

He also ordered national and sub-national administrations to create mechanism to disseminate information.

“Do not treat journalists as enemies. Treat them as the indispensable development partner in development.”