CPP’s Spokesman Calls Ms. Mogherini and Ms. Malmstrom ” A European Leftist “

H.E Sous Yara, CPP’s Spokesman, 0n 12 February 2019 called Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and Ms. Cecilia Malmstorm, European Commissioner for Trade, A European Leftist who are hostile to the poor in Cambodia.

The criticism of the CPP’s spokesman on EU senior officials made after the European Union began a process that could lead to a temporary moratorium on the preferential system of Cambodian goods on the EU market (EBA) business plan. EBA programs may be removed if beneficiary countries do not respect human and key labor rights.

H.E Sous Yara highlighted that ” These 2 Women did not take the reality of Cambodia to discuss, as promised that we will open a discussion between Cambodia and Europe, yet he turned the EBA into an agenda so that she can be reinstated. She is try to make a diversion of European Case to Cambodia Case to promote herself which does not involve with the interests of the European and Cambodian people. Subsequently, EBA is itself individual’s case.”

H.E Sous Yara Appealed to European Union to reconsider their decision to continue the procedure for removing EBA from Cambodia.